Monitoring and Assessing Impacts of Changes in Weather Patterns and Extreme Events on BMP Siting and Design

This two-day workshop will be held on September 7-8, 2017 to:

1) Assess the state of the knowledge on how anticipated changes in weather patterns and extreme events may affect the structural integrity of a subset of urban stormwater, agriculture, and stream restoration Best Management Practices (BMPs) over time;

2) Review siting and design principles to reduce the future impact of sea level rise, coastal storms, increased temperature and extreme events on BMPs; and,

3) Compile existing tools, identifying remaining gaps, and highest priority needs to better inform and improve BMP development and implementation.

Location and Lodging


September 7, 2017 -September 8, 2017


Crowne Plaza Annapolis

173 Jennifer Rd

Annapolis, MD



Additional Information:

Please contact STAC Staff for additional information.

Workshop Publications:

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