Quantifying Ecosystem Services and Co-Benefits of Nutrient and Sediment Reducing BMPs

The Chesapeake Bay Program partnership recognizes the need to make it easier for decision-makers across the watershed to appropriately value local ecosystem services in addition to clean water. This workshop would focus on designing a Partnership framework for assembling information that allows for translation of a suite of eco-services (flood attenuation, recreational values, storm buffering capacity, open-space access and wildlife habitat) into a common currency that can be considered alongside water quality when making decisions and motivating action. Results would be used by the jurisdictions in the development of their Phase 3 Watershed Implementation Plans to optimize achievement of nutrient/sediment load reductions while enhancing progress toward related outcomes in the 2014 Bay Watershed Agreement.


Pre-workshop presentation by Jim Boyd (RFF)

Part I (14 mins): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8XtS6BTWFU&feature=youtu.be

Part II (13 mins):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liArq3xPjuc


Link to TetraTech Appendix E - Final Impact Score - Access Here

Location and Lodging


March 29, 2017 -March 30, 2017


Crowne Plaza

173 Jennifer Rd

Annapolis, MD

(410) 266-3131


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