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STAC workshops provide a format for formulating recommendations from the scientific and technical community on information needs, opportunities for collaborations, and further management actions. Follow the links below to find more information on STAC’s past workshops.

Title Date Information
Comparison of Shallow Water Models for Use in Supporting Chesapeake Bay Management Decision-Making April 20-21, 2016 more
Integrating Monitoring Networks to Support the Assessment of Outcomes in the New Bay Agreement April 12-13, 2016 more
The Development of Climate Projections for Use in the Chesapeake Bay Program Assessments March 7-8, 2016 more
Cracking the WIP: Designing an Optimization Engine to Guide Efficient Bay Implementation February 17-18, 2016 more
Assessing Uncertainty in the Chesapeake Bay Modeling System February 1-2, 2016 more
Linking Wetland Work Plan Goals to Enhance Capacity, Increase Implementation January 14, 2016 more
Conowingo Infill Influence on Chesapeake Water Quality January 13-14, 2016 more
Comparison of Shallow Water Models for Use in Supporting Chesapeake Bay Management Decision-Making May 20, 2015 more
Evaluating Proprietary BMPs: Is it time for a State, Regional, or National Program? March 24, 2015 more
Innovative Monitoring Approaches December 8, 2014 more
Assessing the Chesapeake Bay Forage Base: Existing Data and Research Priorities November 12-13, 2014 more
Re-plumbing the Chesapeake Watershed: Improving roadside ditch management to meet TMDL water quality goals October 9-10, 2014 more
Exploring Applications of Behavioral Economics Research to Environmental Policy-making in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed August 27-28, 2014 more
Designing Sustainable Stream Restoration Projects within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed May 6-7, 2014 more
Peculiarities of Pervious Cover Workshop April 22-23, 2014 more
Management Effects on Water Quality Trends March 25-26, 2014 more
An Innovative Look at the Advances of Onsite Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems December 17-18, 2013 more
Critical Issues and Opportunities for Improving Performance of Water Quality Credit Trading Programs in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed May 14, 2013 more
Designing Sustainable Coastal Habitats April 16-17, 2013 more
Using Multiple Management Models (M3.2) in the Chesapeake Bay February 25-26, 2013 more
Lag Times in the Watershed and Their Influence on Chesapeake Bay Restoration October 16-17, 2012 more
Research-Based Best Practices for Environmental Education August 27-28, 2012 more
Real World Sustainable Wastewater Practices May 16, 2012 more
Using Multiple Management Models (M3.1) in the Chesapeake Bay April 26-27, 2012 more
Exploring the Environmental Effects of Shale Gas Development in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed April 11-12, 2012 more
Beneficial Effects of Healthy Watersheds on Pollutant Fate and Transport March 7-8, 2012 more
Hydrodynamic Modeling Workshop June 9-10, 2011 more
Umbrella Criteria Workshop March 16-17, 2011 more
Monitoring Progress in Addressing Climate Change across the Chesapeake Bay Watershed March 15-16, 2011 more
Social Science and Chesapeake Bay Restoration March 10, 2011 more
Chesapeake Bay Goal Line 2025: Opportunities for Enhancing Agricultural Conservation October 5-6, 2010 more
Exemplary Local Stormwater Strategies to Protect and Restore Urban Watersheds: Combining Technology, Economics, and Policy May 13, 2010 more
Developing a Protocol for Development and Review of Reduction Efficiencies for Best Management Practices: Test Case of Pasture Management October 27-28, 2009 more
Tidal Sediment Mini Workshop May 28-29, 2009 more
Developing 'Comparable' Small Watershed Monitoring and Assessment Protocols April 23-24, 2009 more
Ecosystem Based Management Conference Session: Development of Habitat Suitability Models for Ecosystem Based Fisheries management in the Chesapeake Bay March 24-25, 2009 more
Chesapeake Bay Cover Crop Enhancement Conference December 18-19, 2008 more
Water Quality Credit Trading: Issues in Uncertainty, Evaluation, and Verification May 16, 2008 more
Maximizing the Dual Benefits of Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant Processes: Reducing Nutrients and Emerging Contaminants May 12-13, 2008 more
Modeling in the Chesapeake Bay Program: 2010 and Beyond January 17-18, 2008 more
The Economics of Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management Plans October 16-17, 2007 more
Developing Integrated Monitoring and Modeling Programs for Mercury in the Chesapeake Bay Region October 2-4, 2007 more
Developing a Research Agenda for Assessing the Bioavailability of Wastewater Derived Organic Nitrogen in Treatment Systems and Receiving Waters September 27-28, 2007 more
Atmospheric Deposition of Nitrogen: Estimating local emission sources, near-field deposition, and fate on the landscape May 30, 2007 more
Understanding Fertilizer Sales and Reporting Information May 1, 2007 more
Quantifying the Role of Wetlands in Achieving Nutrient and Sediment Reductions in Chesapeake Bay April 4, 2007 more
Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Reproductive Ecology March 6-7, 2007 more
Developing Environmental Indicators for Assessing the Health of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed February 20, 2007 more
Thresholds and Non-Linear Trajectories in Recovery of Eutrophic Coastal Ecosystems February 14-15, 2007 more
An Introduction to Sedimentsheds: Sediment and its Relationship to Chesapeake Bay Water Clarity January 30-31, 2007 more
Quantifying the Role of Stream Restoration in Achieving Nutrient and Sediment Reductions November 14, 2006 more
Review of the Revised Toxics of Concern List May 17, 2006 more
Assessing Cumulative Impacts of Shoreline Modification February 9, 2006 more
Kick-off Session for Developing Land Use Projections and Alernative Future Scenarios for the Phase 5 Model September 1-2, 2005 more
Urban Stormwater Sediment: Sources, Impacts and Control April 29, 2005 more
Integrated Land Use and Watershed Management March 7, 2005 more
Evaluating the Design and Implementation of the Chesapeake Bay Shallow Water Monitoring Program November 30-1, 2004 more
Urban Tree Canopy May 24, 2004 more
Understanding the ?Lag Times? Affecting the Improvement of Water Quality in Chesapeake Bay May 19-20, 2004 more
Spatial Management in the Chesapeake Bay: Applications, Issues, and Opportunities April 13-14, 2003 more
Spatial Management in the Chesapeake Bay II April 1-2, 2004 more
Coupling Water Quality and Upper Tropic Level Modeling for Chesapeake Bay January 8-9, 2004 more
Identifying and Prioritizing Research Required to Evaluate Ecological Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives Related to the Potential Introduction of Crassostrea ariakensis to Chesapeake Bay December 2-3, 2003 more
Quantifying the Environmental Benefits of Activities that Promote a Stewardship Ethic and Effect Behavior Change in Chesapeake Bay Watershed Residents September 15, 2003 more
Technical and Economical Feasibility of Nutrient Removal Limits of Treatment May 20-21, 2003 more
Planning to Develop Stream Corridor Restoration Goals for 2004 May 7, 2003 more
Innovation in Agricultural Conservation in Chesapeake Bay: Evaluating Progress and Addressing Future Challenges May 6-7, 2003 more
Emerging Contaminants of Concern in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed October 18, 2002 more
Impediments to Environmentally Sensitive and Low Impact Development and Design October 10, 2002 more
Non-native Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay October 7-8, 2002 more
Suspension Feeders: A Workshop to Assess What We Know, Don't Know, and Need to Know to Determine Their Effects on Water Quality March 18-19, 2002 more
Low Impact Development II: Planning, Design, and Implementation March 18, 2002 more
Present Status and Future Trends in Estuarine Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Technology: Satellite, Airborne, In-Situ January 7-8, 2002 more
Determining Appropriate Restoration Targets for Fisheries Under Moratorium: American Shad in the Chesapeake Bay December 12-13, 2001 more
Non-nutritive Feed Issues in Chicken Production October 2, 2001 more
Modeling of the Chesapeake Bay February 1-2, 1990 more
Available Technology for the Control of Nutrient Pollution in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed January 1, 1987 more
Nutrient Control in the Chesapeake Bay TBD more
Chesapeake Toxicological Workshop Series: Executive Summary TBD more
Integrated Analysis of Chesapeake Bay Monitoring Data TBD more
Watershed Repsonse to Changes in Nutrient Loads: The Best Uses of Monitoring and Modeling TBD more
Ascertaining Sources of Nitrogen Entry to the Chesapeake Bay with Emphasis on Atmospheric Inputs TBD more
Prospects for Multispecies Fisheries Management in Chesapeake Bay TBD more
Atmospheric Organic Nitrogen Deposition TBD more
Agricultural Phosphorus in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: Current Status and Future Trends TBD more
Nitrogen Dynamics in Forested Watershed of the Chesapeake Bay TBD more
Application of Growth Analysis for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed TBD more
Living Resources Data Analysis Workshop TBD more
Impact of Susquehanna Sediments on the Chesapeake Bay TBD more
The Optimization of Benefits from Wetlands Restoration TBD more
Exploring Alternatives for Fisheries Management in the Chesapeake Bay TBD more

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