Review of Boat Wake Wave Impacts on Shoreline Erosion and Potential Solutions
Dates: February 26-12, 2017
Venue: - ,
Contact: Rachael Dixon

STAC-Sponsored Peer Review of potential impacts of boat generated waves on shoreline stability and attendant ecosystem properties, and relevant management and policy actions in Chesapeake Bay to minimize potential boat wake impacts to shorelines and Bay resources.  This review was requested by the Chesapeake Bay Commission (CBC).

Panel Members Include

  • Donna Marie Bilkovic (STAC Lead-VIMS)
  • Molly Mitchell (VIMS)
  • Jenny Davis (CSS/NOAA Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research)
  • Elizabeth Andrews (VCPC)
  • Kristin McCarthy (VCPC)
  • Jana Davis (CBT)
  • Julie Herman (VIMS) 
  • Pam Mason (VIMS) 
  • Navid Tahvildari (ODU)


Supporting Documents: 270_Final Boat Wake Review Proposal.pdf

Review Publications