2015 Chesapeake Bay Water Quality Criteria Addendum Review
Dates: January 4-31, 2017
Venue: - ,
Contact: Rachael Dixon

STAC-Sponsored Peer Review of the of the Criteria Assessment Protocol Workgroup's Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Dissolved Oxygen, Water Clarity, and Chlorophyll a for the Cheapeake Bay and Its Tidal Tributaries technical addendum. 

Panel Members Include: 

  • Marjy Friedrichs (STAC Lead-VIMS)
  • Malcolm Scully (WHOI)
  • Jian Shen (VIMS)
  • Ken Moore (VIMS)
  • Stene Weisberg (SCCWRP)
  • Mary Christman (U of FL)
Agenda: 261_Final Agenda.pdf
Supporting Documents: 261_2015 Ches Bay WQ Crit Addendum.pdf
261_2015 Request for STAC Peer Review CAP WG (Final).pdf
261_Review Questions (Final) - WQ Crit Addendum.pdf
261_2016 STAC WQ Crit Addendum Review - Informal Guidance (Dec 2015 - final).pdf
Presentations: 261_Friedrichs_Panel_intro.pdf
261_Tango STAC Review Presentation 1.pdf
261_Tango STAC Review Presentation 2.pdf

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