STAC Review Page

STAC reviews provide thorough, competent, and objective technical guidance in a timely fashion to advise the CBP decision-making process. Follow the links below to find more information on past STAC reviews.

Title Date Information
Technical Review of Microbeads/Microplastics in the Chesapeake Bay April 18, 2016 more
Review of the Final Report of the Sustainable Fisheries Goal Implementation Team Invasive Catfish Task Force November 7, 2014 more
Review of the Lower Susquehanna River Watershed Assessment August 22, 2014 more
Evaluation of the Use of Shellfish as a Method of Nutrient Reduction in the Chesapeake Bay March 11, 2013 more
A Review of Agricultural P-dynamics in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model February 6, 2012 more
Review of the LimnoTech Report, Comparison of Load Estimates for Cultivated Cropland in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed July 28-29, 2011 more
Evaluation of the Efficacy of SAV Restoration Approaches in Chesapeake Bay January 3-31, 2011 more
Review of Land-Use and Land Cover Dataset and Methodology September 28, 2010 more
STAC Review of the Water Clarity and SAV Components of the Chesapeake Bay Program Water Quality and Sediment Transport Model March 9-10, 2010 more
Application of Reference Curves for Dissolved Oxygen Criteria Assessment August 17, 2009 more
Chesapeake Bay Land Change Model Review November 25, 2008 more
Requested Review of Procedures of the UMD/MAWP Best Management Practive Project Year 2 October 20, 2008 more
Development and Implementation of a Process for Establishing Chesapeake Bay Program's Monitoring Program Priorities and Objectives June 23, 2008 more
Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model Phase V Review January 23-25, 2008 more
Assessing the Feasibility of Developing a 4-D Interpolator for Use in Impaired Waters Listing Assessment December 10, 2007 more
Requested Review of Procedures for the MAWQ/UMD Best Management Practice Project July 19, 2007 more
Bioavailability of Organic Nitrogen from Treated Wastewater February 1, 2007 more
Review of the Chesapeake Bay Program CFD and Interpolator October 6, 2006 more
Chesapeake Bay Program Scientific and Technical Assessment Committee Monitoring, Assessment and Indicator Review Subcommittee Meeting Report September 9, 2006 more
Review of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Modeling Effort May 17-19, 2005 more
Recommendations for Refinement of a Spatially Representative Non-tidal Water Quality Monitoring Network for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed May 9, 2005 more
Review of the Proposal 'How Oxygen and Windmills Can Save the Bay' January 1, 2004 more
Review of the Fisheries Ecosystem Plan for the Chesapeake Bay November 1, 2003 more
Review of DRAFT Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Dissolved Oxygen, Water Clarity and Chlorophyll a for the Chesapeake Bay and Tidal Tributaries July 12, 2002 more
Technical Review of the Chesapeake Bay Program's Basinwide Monitoring Program December 5, 2000 more
Review of the Chesapeake Bay Water Quality Model February 1, 2000 more