STAC Review Page

STAC reviews provide thorough, competent, and objective technical guidance in a timely fashion to advise the CBP decision-making process. Follow the links below to find more information on ongoing STAC reviews.

Title Date Information
Review of CBP Partnership's Climate Change Assessment Framework and Programmatic Integration and Response Efforts July 1, 2017 -February 9, 2018 more
Review of the 2017 Water Quality and Sediment Transport Model (WQSTM) May 15, 2017 -February 9, 2018 more
Review of the Phase 6 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model October 1, 2016 -September 1, 2017 more
Review of the Generalized Additive Model (GAM) Approach for Water Quality Trends in Tidal Waters September 20, 2016 -January 24, 2017 more
Review of the Nutrient Inputs to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model June 30, 2016 -October 10, 2016 more
Review for the James River Chlorophyll-a Criteria and Assessment Methodology Re-evaluation (2-Part) May 20, 2016 -November 7, 2016 more
2015 Chesapeake Bay Water Quality Criteria Addendum Review January 4, 2016 -July 19, 2017 more