Past STAC Membership

Past Members
Charles Abdalla Pennsylvania State University, Dept. of Agricultural Economics/Rural Sociology
Charles Bott Hampton Roads Sanitation District
Russ Brinsfield University of Maryland Wye Center
Paul Bukaveckas Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Biology
Randy Chambers College of William and Mary
Michael Ford National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Marjorie Friedrichs Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary
Greg Garman Virginia Commonwealth University
Cindy Gilmour Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
James Glancey University of Delaware Departments of Bioresources Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
Kurt W. Gottschalk USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station
Ted Graham Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Department of Environmental Programs
Robert Hirsch U.S. Geological Survey
Robert Howarth Cornell University, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Cynthia Jones Old Dominion University
Susan Julius EPA Office of Research and Development
Douglas Lipton University of Maryland, Agriculture and Resource Economics, College Park, MD 20742
Chancee Lundy Nspiregreen, LLC
Poornima Madhavan Old Dominion University, Department of Psychology
Jack Meisinger USDA Agricultural Research Service
Glenn Moglen Virginia Tech
Margaret Mulholland Old Dominion University Department of Ocean, Earth, & Atmospheric Science
Raymond Najjar Pennsylvania State University, Departments of Meteorology and Geosciences
Michael Paolisso University of Maryland, Department of Anthropology
Vikram Pattarkine PEACE USA - Environmental Stewardship Strategies and Solutions
James Pease Virginia Tech, Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics
Christopher Pyke US Green Building Council
John Randolph Virginia Tech, School of Public & International Affairs
Ali Sadeghi USDA-ARS Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory
David Sample Virginia Tech, Biological Systems Engineering
David Secor University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Jeffery Skousen West Virginia University, Davis College of Ag., Forestry, and Consumer Sciences
Donald Weller Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Claire Welty University of Maryland Baltimore County, Center for Urban Env. Research & Education