Review of Nutrient Input Estimation for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model

The review panel was charged with addressing four main questions on nutrient input procedures (previously referred to as ‘Scenario Builder’), and were specifically requested to review the appropriateness of methods used to estimate total manure and fertilizer application, and distributing applications. Additionally, the panel was asked to comment on whether the documentation sufficiently described the nutrient input data and methods, whether the reviewers had concerns or comments about other data and methods described in the documentation, and whether there were additional technical or scientific data that could be used to further inform nutrient input estimates. A panel of five individuals with appropriate expertise to address these questions was formed in June, and the team conducted their review of the provided documentation over the past few months.

Reviewers provided specific comments to the documentation, and came together to provide consensus feedback on the positive aspects of the reviewed methods and inputs, as well as recommendations. The recommendations identified by the review team can be summarized broadly below as those which focused on: