Applying for Assistance

Each year, STAC supports the Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) by providing funds and logistical support for proactive and responsive workshops and reviews. Proactive workshops and reviews are those developed by STAC members to address critical science and technical issues, while responsive workshops and reviews are those carried out as a result of a direct request from the CBP. Through these activities, the CBP can access scientific and technical expertise to analyze and recommend policy, programs, and research.

To receive assistance for a responsive workshop or review, a CBP representative and STAC sponsor must submit a formal proposal to STAC and prepare a presentation of their request to the Committee at a quarterly meeting. Likewise, proactive activity proposals must be formally submitted and presented to STAC by its supporting STAC member(s). While each review and workshop is unique, all proposals must include a few key elements that are described in STAC’s guidelines, accessible below.

Applying for Workshop Assistance

STAC workshops provide a format for formulating recommendations from the scientific and technical community on information needs, opportunities for collaborations, and further management actions.

STAC releases a request for proposal to CBP partners in December of each year. All proposals are then presented to STAC and considered at a STAC's March quarterly meeting. Proposals received past the deadline for the RFP will be considered at the next quarterly meeting.

Requesting a STAC Review

STAC reviews provide thorough, competent, and objective technical guidance in a timely fashion to advise the CBP decision-making process.

Unlike workshops, STAC does not release a request for review proposals. Instead, STAC review requests are considered throughout the year as needs arise. Likewise, while there are a finite number of workshops STAC will accept each fiscal year, there is no set limit on the number of reviews the Committee will support as long as funding is available and STAC deems the review appropriate.


Guidance on Applying for Workshop Assistance

The links provided below are to be used by STAC members and/or CBP representatives seeking to apply for STAC workshop assistance. Please submit all workshop requests to STAC Staff.

Guidance on Applying for Responsive Review Assistance

The links provided below are to be used by CBP representatives seeking to apply for STAC responsive technical review assistance. Please submit all responsive technical review requests to STAC Staff.

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